Build A Paper Trebuchet

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Very cool. I’ll have to build a few and have back yard wars with the kids. I say it’s just about perfect entertainment for a family outing. But that’s just me. 🙂
(BTW, this guy has a paper clock that you can build. Keeps time too!)

Paper Trebuchet

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The paper trebuchet link is no more, I can’t find a copy of the plans anywhere of I’d be happy to post a link to them. While I was looking I did find enough cool trbuchet links to make a new post. Take a look at them here.

The Wayback Machine has the plans:
Build a paper trebuchet
(Lets hear it for Mr. Peabody and his amazing Wayback Machine and Matt C. from the MAKE blog for pointing it out.)

Due to a large number of requests, I have posted the trebuchet PDF files here. If there are any problems about me hosting them here please email me and I’ll remove them. Thanks and enjoy building!
Plans part one
Plans part two

22 thoughts on “Build A Paper Trebuchet”

  1. Wow like to build the paper trebuchet but the site seems down, has anyone got the building plans? please mail me
    Thnx, Ruud

  2. Hi, John.
    Im about to build a cardboard trebuchet 4 my assignment but the site is currently unavailiable.
    can u please send me the plan if u still have it,thx.

    [ I just sent him an e-mail asking if there is another location to download it from, if I get a message from him I’ll post it here. In the mean time here is a more complex plan, it looks very cool. Ripcords Tennis Ball Trebuchet
    If that is too complex then go with the Popsicle Stick Trebuchet. This would be amazingly strong for its size and still be quite easy to build.
    If you have any LEGOs about the house, I bet you could use them in place of the popsicle sticks.
    I hope this helps a bit and best of luck on the assignment.
    -John ]

  3. Hey I think your paper trebuchet is insane. I’d like to know how to make one. thanks

  4. I have the pdf of the free trebcard design. email me and I will send it to you.

  5. I am a science teacher of physical science and would like to use the trebuchet project in my class. I would greatly appreciate the pdf file for this machine. Thanks.

  6. I would very much like the plans for the paper trebuchet for my cub scout den, but couldn’t find them anywhere. Can you email them to me if you have them? Thanks!

  7. If anyone has plans for the paper trebuchet I would be greatful if they could email them to me. Thanks.

  8. Perfect–please email the instructions since they can’t be viewed in entirety. Thx much

  9. Hi I would like to use the paper trebuchet for pure evil, it would make inter office memo exchange so much simpler, plus it’ll look really neat on my desk, could anyone please send me the PDF. Thanks. harbinger

    [Thats cool, just remember that I take no responsibility for what you do with it. There are now links to the PDF files in the post above. I managed to find copies of it on

  10. HI!
    I’m using trebuchets
    for my science fair
    project, and the paper
    trebuchet site seems
    to be down. if you’ve
    already downloaded
    the PDF file, please
    email it to me.

    [Go to the top of the page and at the bottom of the post there are two links to where you can download the plans. Try to use the wayback machine ( links to get the building instructions.
    Best of luck on your project. Send me pictures, I’d love to see them! -John]

  11. Could someone please email me the instructions for building this bad boy…. my instution will not let me download it, bloody stupid blocker designed for kids… think teachers would be exempt.
    [I’ll send you an email with the files. Have fun! -John]

  12. Hiya, the plans aren’t working for me, is it possible for you to send me the plans please? It’s for a science project, oh what fun.

  13. I built this one a few years back
    and when i was looking for the pdf again to build another one i was annoyed to find i had deleted the file. so thanks to you i can build it again
    and by the way coould you send me the instructions please?
    also befor i forget a tip for prospective builders: if you can print it onto cardboard!
    i had to go through cereal boxes and glue the plans on to make the first one!
    [Yes, heavy paper is a must! I have some paper that I think is 100 pound and that works great. As for instructuctions, what I have is on the page. The two PDF files are there as well as a link to the original document on -John]

  14. hey these plans are great, but some of the pictures dont work on the site that are hindering me from figuring out some of the final steps, if you could mail them or fix them on the site that would be great. Thanks for the great plans and the help.
    [I wish I could help more but I just blogged the original project. If you can’t find the images on the Wayback Machine on then they might be lost. -John]

  15. Would you be able to send me some better photos because the website where the instructions page, lots of the photos are missing.


  16. Anyone know where the plans are for the Wheeled Paper Trebuchet. I’ve built a few of the regular paper ones and i did buy the plans from the original site but have since lost them.

  17. I’ve built a few of the paper ones. I took some light poster board and glued the printout to it. The only problem with this is with the arm, because the added thickness makes it difficult to get it rolled up.

    I also glued popcicle sticks on the inside, at the tops of the supports and inside the arm (spanning the pivot). It is quite strong.

    Make several different slings and try differing lengths. Don’t be afraid to remove weight from the weight bucket, it is a delicate balance.

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