Dance Robot, Dance!


The degrees of freedom on these things just gets better and better as time goes on. I keep thinking that a clip of dancing robots will surface showing the guys building ‘robot’ pyramids or doing monkey chains. Looking forward to when they become waterproof and start doing synchronized swimming routines. The coolest innovation so far has got to be the way they can be programmed. You can still use the old spread sheet looking method of setting the joint position on a time line sort of interface if you want but the coolest way is the following:

The simplest way to program ROBONOVA-1 is with the “catch and play” function. Using RoboScript or RoboBasic, just move the robot into any position and click the mouse to “capture” that position. Move the robot into another position and repeat the process. The software then links these “captured” positions and once activated, smoothly transitions the robot’s movements through these programmed positions.

Hard to beat that!


(Thanks to special agent Kevin who is on assignment at the digital frontier for this link)