LED Dining table

LED Dining table
Originally uploaded by oskay2.

Dining table with a frosted glass top lit by 448 LEDs that respond, in a complex and gentle fashion, to input generated by motion above the table while we eat.

I like this but I wonder if you lose some of the interactiveness if your don’t use clear plates. What if you have soup? And will eating spaghetti make the table go nuts?

One thought on “LED Dining table”

  1. We used clear plates just to take this photo– if we had put normal plates down, it would be a lot harder to get the basic idea of the project. We actually eat with (opaque) placemats most of the time. The inputs are low-passed and the response speed of the table is fairly slow: while we’re eating, it only changes state a few times per minute. It doesn’t mind spaghetti. (Heck- we’re Pastafarians!)

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