ifusion Stereo PMP Display


In the ever popular search for cool gear for your gear I saw this. It says that by sticking this special screen over your personal media player and bam! You get eye popping 3d media. Well… Hold on there. i know a little bit about autostereo displays. I’m going to take a stab in the dark and make a guess how this works. First you are going to need some content in 3D. Left and right images or clips of video taken with a 3d camera. That’s a no brainer. Second, the content will have to go through a special media player that will either interlace the left and right feeds on the fly or will play back stuff that you have converted on your PC. It more than likely has more horsepower than a PMP. What you will get when you look at the PMP with out the special screen will be a sliced up picture that has striped of content side by side.  Maybe a few pixels wide. The screen is a lenticular lens array that will shift the slices of image to it’s respective eye. A good example of all this is an article on DIY lenticular prints that I wrote up a few days ago. I’ve seen professional systems that have these, nice 36" LCD screens, and the images look pretty good. Or it will use a red/green color image anaglyph. Those look ok in my opinion. I’ve never seen a color anaglyph that looks 100 percent real. I’m hoping for a true stereo image but you can never tell.

I’m looking forward to seeing one of these sceens in place one day. I have a crap load of stereo images and I’d love to show them to people from my PDA.

[via ubergizmo]