Ninja Themed Restaurant in Japan

Now why can’t I find a place like this in Arizona? Not that I’d mind going Tokyo Japan to have dinner in a ninja themed restaurant, heck, I’d call that a good reason to go to Japan.

After you enter the restaurant, you go to the reception area and are met by a waiter dressed in ninja garbs and told to wait for your personal ninja guide to your table. When the waiter comes, you are guided through a maze of sorts. It is like a ninja castle with many trap doors and hidden passages. While in most restaurants people would be annoyed to have to bend over backwards to reach your table, at Ninja it is part of the experience. It is as if you are actually entering that ninja castle. My most enjoyable moment of the trip was when we had reached a point in our journey and were faced with a pit filled with water and no way to cross. Then suddenly the waiter clapped her hands and a draw bridge drops for you to cross. It was at that point I knew the event was going to be fun.

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