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Recording motion in the form of moving pictures has gone through many stages. It started out as chemically processed film and was eventually replaced by analog magnetic tape. As time passed and technology advanced, the magnetic tape was replaced by digital memory devices with no moving parts and a much lower cost.These advances opened the door of video recording to millions of people that before this time either could not afford expensive cameras or did not want to bother with the hassle of film. Video tape removed most of these barriers but the last ones were definitely bashed by digital camcorders. So most people have forgotten that at one time you could buy motion picture film at just about ant drug store and that ‘home movies’ were a rare novelty. Now days you have to look in specialty shops on the Internet to find film and labs that will process it. I happened across a great place to find information about Super 8 film (the most popular of home movie mediums!) over at

Super 8mm has experienced a renaissance in recent years with both professional and amateur filmmakers embracing this highly portable and unique film format producing incredible shorts, advertisements and even features.

They look to be taking a little time off but have a poke around the place and read up on what’s new with this cool format. Hey, they even have a podcast!

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