Outernet, Because Information Wants to be Free

“Outernets filecast is a groundbreaking innovation in broadcasting, marrying radio broadcasting with file delivery, transcending the format and time limitations of traditional radio or TV broadcasting. Our filecast differentiates itself from a traditional broadcast by sending information as data files, so content is no longer limited to video and audio. Now, any content format can be sent over a radio signal. Receivers automatically cache these files locally, so users can enjoy flexible, on-demand access to content. With the global reach of satellite broadcasting, this system is paving a new way to distribute, access, and consume content.”

 So you just have to get a couple of parts totaling about $100USD and you can have an off the grid news, weather, and library that just quietly update itself 24/7. A very cool idea, perfect for rural areas or even out at sea (wind and weather maps).