iPhone Autopsy Photos, The Horror, The Horror…

iPhone DisassemblyWell the elusive iPhone has been captured, dissected and photographed and is now ready to be stuffed and mounted. Somewhere in the night time sky a star has gone out.

[via MAKE]
iPhone Disassembly

If your all keen on getting one of these marvels on modern telephony technology you may want to get the perfect book for any iPhone owner:
iPhone For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))

Pouge on iPhone


David Pouge, New York Times technology writer, gives a brief overview of the pros and cons of the upcoming uber phone from Apple.
This a quick run down of what he said:
Pros: Interface is slick, it’s an iPod, screen is great, feature integration is fantastic, WiFi, Apple logo
Cons: No memory slot, can’t replace the battery yourself, service through AT&T only, EDGE data speeds suck.

TalkiPhone Forum

Talk iPhone
Not that there can be much to talk about yet, but there you go. When ever the mythical iPhone erupts from the head of Steve and lands with a wet ‘plop’ on the shelves of Cingular stores (in a limited area only I bet) all the fawning Apple minions will have a place to sing the praise and squelch the gripes of the latest technological panacea. Continue reading “TalkiPhone Forum”

Apple TV – An Honest Review

Apple TVI think I might have done the impossible, I found a review of the new Apple TV that was not written by a drooling Apple fanboy. Nice review, gives an honest opinion of the video quality of what was playing on the demo model. He does put forth an interesting idea on how one could go about turning the Apple TV into an automated bit torrent downloading monster capable of transcoding Xvid video to H264. Ooo.. I wants one…

Apple TV – gosh, I touched one.

Myspace Worm Using Quicktime HREF Track

Apple Quicktime

Just great. For a long time I have been trying to figure out a way not to let Quicktime spawn web pages. Not only is it annoying but now it can get you phissed: 

It begins with a QuickTime file being embedded in a Profile page. If the user “runs” the file (simply visiting the infected page is enough to trigger the attack in most cases), it uses the HREF function to activate some JavaScript.

Allowing JavaScript from a movie file….whoops.

When this happens, the profile page is “infected” and pastes a fake overlay of options onto the profile page – the most serious of which is (of course) the fake login button. If your page has been affected, you will see a strange, blue navigation bar such as this on your page. If this is the case, you will need to clean out your profile and check if any of your friends have also been infected – if they are, you will continue to be reinfected…most likely via the friends list itself. We have seen reports of users complaining that even when they’ve removed the fake navigation bar from their page, it comes right back if one of their friends is infected – so it looks like the friends list is being exploited in much the same way the Orkut worm used a similar feature to spread. Except in this case, the only option to fix the problem is get your friend to remove the infection code from their page, or remove your friend from your list indefinitely.

Going back to the fake login, if you enter your details, you have officially been Phished.

Myspace Worm Using Quicktime HREF Track