DIY Paper Catapult Game

Paper catapult gameLooks like fun and it’s just made of paper.

Here’s a SAFE way to destroy vampires… use a catapult to toss bundles
of stakes at them from a distance! This game includes a functional catapult
(with a range of up to 10 feet), a dozen bundles of stakes and a vampire’s
grave to use as a target. The grave includes a coffin, stone vault and gravel
pit. Build your own medieval war machine and let the impaling begin!

[via paper forest]
The Catapult

Spaceship Serenity Paper Model

I found this beautiful paper model of the spaceship from the science fiction TV series ‘Firefly‘. I just started watching the DVDs yesterday so I naturally was looking around the ‘Net for more info on the show. It’s pretty good, pity that it was axed so quickly by Fox, but I guess everyone says that.
The ship looks like a pretty complex build, it has more detail that you would expect, it even has the ambassadors  shuttle craft.

Serenity (ingles)

ALIENS Papercraft Pulse Rifle

Ok ok, I know it’s only made out of paper but its a pulse rifle from the movie Aliens! The coolness factor can’t be measured on this on. With over 200parts that you have to cut out with love and care, this can be made to be a full 1:1 scale model. Hell it even comes with ammo! Wow…  Must get inkjet printer working!

ALIENS Papercraft-papírové modely