Now You’re Cooking With … USB?

Cooking with USB power Remembering that your typical USB port delivers 2.5 W doing anything other than lighting up a novelty hub or a clever little tree is about all you can do. Not quite. A clever fellow in Japan set out to prove this wrong. By using six five port USB expansion cards he has upped the thermal output from a wimpy 2.5 W to a respectable 75W! Oh yes, you can see where this is going. This looks like this is his second attempt at computer assisted gastronomy, he tried to cook an egg before. This time he succeeded in frying some beef rib meat (Sukiyaki anyone?) Good thing he has improved his design so we can all follow in his footsteps and … er, well we can imagine that we will follow in his footsteps, and be cooking a tasty dinner while leveling up in WoW.

(Japanese version translated by the never sleeping giants at Google)

Bankquest: Fight your way to riches

This is a clever way to get kids in the habit of saving their money. It’s a traditional piggybank with a twist, the more you save the more gold your little character in the RPG game on the front gets to spend. Think of Tamagotchi that eats quarters. You can save around 50,000 yen (about $500US) so it’s a pretty good deal for a kid. Heck, good for an adult too because the interest rates in Japan are .5 %.

[via Boing Boing Gadgets]
Bankquest – Akihabara News

Amazing Full Sized Iron Votom – スコープドッグ ブルーティッシュカスタム

This is a true labor of love (no pun intended). This guy, who obviously has quite the kick ass shop, is building a full sized Votom battle suit out of iron plate. What he intends to do with it once he is done I have not the faintest clue. Maybe it goes in a museum as a display, maybe it’s an artistic project, maybe he is just building it because he wants to. Whatever the reason is it is one hell of a project.
スコープドッグ ブルーティッシュカスタム1/1

Want one of your own? Go visit Amazon and pick up a somewhat smaller than life sized verson.

Armored Trooper Votoms Scopedog Green 1/12 Scale Full Action Model

DORYU 2-16 Pistol Camera

Oh yeah baby, you can be James Bond and Weegee all at the same time with this gem!
After a bit of digging I discovered it’s DORYU 2-16 with Cine-Nikkor 25mm F1.4 lens.

" This camera is a serious camera for the police, and not a toy. It is a pistol camera DORYU 2-16 famous as rare and valuable camera. The DORYU 2-16 has the same C mount as the 16mm movie camera. A Cine-Nikkor 25mm F1.4 lens was able to be mounted in the DORYU 2-16 pistol camera. You can find the small lens for GOLDECK 16 on the table."

This is something I’d buy if I had that chance.
The site has some impressive Nikon gear on it, I like those S Motor bodies a lot! I love Nikon cameras, go check it out.

[via Ektopia]
DORYU Pistol Camera

NT Zeppelins over Tokyo

NT Zeppelins over TokyoI can only hope that someone decides that this sort of service is needed at the Grand Canyon. Makes more sense than a silly transparent walkway.

Starting this month Nippon Airship Corporation will begin offering airship cruises over Tokyo, at roughly US $1,100 to $1,500 a pop, no pun intended. Rides will be aboard a Zeppelin NT and will last 90 minutes

Too cool. You can read more about NT Zeppelin here.

Zeppelin rocks on in Japan