DIY Cricket Bat

At the last second I decided to go ahead and make a Halloween costume. I was inspired by a commercial for the movie ‘Shaun of the Dead‘. Funny zombie movie. How cool would that be? I mean I’m going to go out and oversee my kids why not wear something fun? I quickly collected that basics, white shirt, red tie, name badge, and a cricket bat. The first three are easy, I can either make or buy those but a cricket bat is something that I’m a bit short on. I’ve held one before so I know what they look like up close so armed with that and a few photos off the ‘net I can come up with something that should look pretty close to a bat. As I don’t have a wood shop I am going to be using the classic cardboard for the blade. I have a wooden stake from some get rich fast crook that posted his ads illegally on the property my office is located at. At lest something honest came from their signs. Hot glue, gaffers tape… I’m set.

Cricket Bat-01

Quick sketch and I have my plan.

Cricket Bat-02

I cut two cardboard blades (22"x4.5" just about regulation size) and the edges.

Cricket Bat-05

I added some arcs to make the shoulders and rounded the far end to make the toe.

Cricket Bat-06

Using hot glue I tacked the handle on the bottom blade after cutting a bit off the end.

Cricket Bat-09

Using more hot glue (more glue! More hot glue! Muuhaahaha…) I glued the edge to the blade and added a few chunks of cardboard to add some strength to the whole things. I have to defend myself against the zombie hoard so I need to it to be tough!

Cricket Bat-11

Once all the edges were in place I built up the surface of the handle to keep the top from falling in with some squares and more glue. When gluing the top on I did the center and then each end. This was to get as much glue on the surfaces as I could. I need that strength remember?
Cricket Bat-12Cricket Bat-14

Once in place I then chopped, er, cut some pine contact paper and covered all the faces. Keep the grain in the right direction and it might actually look like wood. Kind of. Maybe. It should be willow but they were fresh out of that. Anyway, this is America, no one will knnow what this is anyway.

Cricket Bat-15

Add some thin tag board to the end of the handle for that knobby bit.

Cricket Bat-16

Wrap the handle in some black gaffers tape…

Cricket Bat-17

There you go. A mock cricket bat. I know the real ones aren’t that thick and the blades are thicker in the center and thinner along the edges but what the heck, this took me an hour to do and I’m a busy man.
I’m ready for the zombies, bring ’em on!

17 thoughts on “DIY Cricket Bat”

  1. God you’re a loony, that is a terrible thing to do to the game of cricket.

  2. Thank you for posting these directions. My son would love a cricket bat, and I have a wood shop, but no pattern. This is a helpful start.

  3. sweet! you totally saved my arse with this. i knew if i looked enough, i’d find a DIY cricket bat somewhere. thank you for posting it! i can now defend myself properly, as it is Year of the Zombie at Portcon, ME! cheers.

  4. Right on! Send me some photos of you at Portcon (teamdroidadmin at gmail dot com). Give those zombies hell!

  5. Matthew: I’d love to but I think you could do much better than I could. It looks like your in the UK so I think you could find a real one to use as a pattern. Best of luck, cheers!

  6. Thanks for that! I’m doing Shaun for Mardi Gras this year and you just solved my only problem!

  7. Good show! I was having some real trouble finding a cricket bat in my price range. Thanks for posting the instructions! Now, to find a shovel for my “Ed” counterpart.

  8. I just finished making mine, turned out pretty good except for the bubbles and when you do the top rounding and the bottom edges that was a bit tricky but i got it to work

  9. hi can u send me an emial of how to make it and can it have a curv in it plz send bak

  10. michelle dose the bat work good and do you reckon i could use it in a proper crickrt match

  11. thanks for the tutorial, i ended up making mine out of wood(plywood and a $10 jigsaw) but i used this to figure out the style and dimensions

    now i can use it to play for real


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