Improvised iPod Holder

A few months ago a co-worker received an iPod as a gift. I observed that he was propping up his new status symbol, er, I mean his MP3 player on some papers. It kept sliding off and he couldn’t read the screen. Generally he didn’t like it. He was talking about buying a over the counter holder and was lamenting the fact that all of them were a bit expensive. I said give me a second and I’ll build him one. So I pulled out a few binder clips and some Post-it notes and built this

Improvised Ipod Holder Improvised Ipod Holder

Improvised Ipod Holder Improvised Ipod Holder

I just pinched two large clips together to for a back rest and used a small clip at a foot so the iPod won’t slide off.
The Post-it notes are on there to keep the finish on the Ipod looking good, I hear they scratch pretty easy.

So with just stuff around the office I saved my friend a few bucks and let him view his iPod in true hacker style. And remember, binder clips are your friend.

Posted: April 20th, 2006
at 9:20pm by John

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  1. Hey man great idea!! I’ll have to try one of my own.
    Don Lapre Watcher

    Don Lapre Watcher

    15 Dec 06 at 4:20 pm


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