Apple mania

I like old computers…. Yeah, I know, who dosen’t? Because of this I have managed to collect quite a few of the old critters. Most collect dust and occasionaly get used to play around with the old OS (remember system 6?) and a few apps. However, as I discovered a program called ‘XPostFacto‘ that will let you cram OSX onto an old Mac.
One of my old computers is a 7300/133. Its a big ugly beige desktop unit that is about as low as you can go when going the upgrade route for using Apple’s latest OS.
I started buy buying 512 MB of memory for it from an online store. I read that you can use as little as 128, but I know that the more RAM you have better life is. While I was waiting for the memory to arrive I picked up a G3 card from eBay.
Next was to try and load 10.0.2 on to a 2 GB hard drive. Can’t do it. Just won’t fit.
So I was stuck for a while, the 7300 only supports SCSI drives and 2 GB was as large I had around the house.
Even after a trip to a computer swapmeet the best I could find for less than $10 was a 4GB drive, that allowed me to at least load some of the OS. After mucking about with settings and deleting of files and moving things about I realized that 4GB was just too small. I needed more space.
Ebay to the rescue once again. Found a dandy 9.1 GB drive with adapter for $30. Nifty!
Reloaded the OS once again and what do you know, everything went smooth. So now I have a Mac running OSX (unix) just waiting for me to find a purpose for it. I can use my USB and Firewire PC cards in it, so that quite nice. It should make a fine email machine…