Reality Television, Friend or Foe?

Vh1 seems to be taking over the world. First we have Flavor of love then Flavor of love 2 then a spin off I love New York and yet another spin off has been released Charm school. Our form of entertainment has been lowered to watching other peoples sad lives. The sad thing is it’s not just VH1 it’s all reality TV shows. Everyone asks "Why are our kids so fat?" maybe it’s because you go out to McDonalds every night for dinner and then come home and watch OTHER people playing cards! Reality television is going to become the new history channel for this generation. Sure I like to watch Charm School when I’m really bored and we can’t go anywhere (thanks to the law that says I can’t drive) but that’s not what I see as good quality programing. I think people should turn off the TV for awhile and get some exercise stop watching the shows about other people exercising and do it yourself.