World Sky Race

Having long been a fan of lighter than air ships I find the prospect of a round the world race quite intoxicating.
In their quest, the competing skyships will travel from the Greenwich Prime Meridian southward to Africa and the Middle East, across the Indian Ocean to Equatorial Asia and through the Orient, island hop across the Pacific to the western shores of North America, down to Central America, up to the North Atlantic and crossing back to Prime Meridian for an exciting finish in an historic race, completing a full global circumnavigation.
The ships will be at least 200 feet long (think Goodyear Blimp), make stops at UNESECO World Heritage sites along the race route, and the event is to take place over an entire year ’cause blimps don’t move all that fast. The competition is currently looking for sponsors and hopes to ‘take off’ in 2011.

[via The Register]

World Sky Race 2011-2012.