2600 Meeting

Phoenix 2600
Last evening I was at Boarders and I noticed a bunch of kids (18-25) sitting at a group of tables discussing the various bits of electronics they had set out in front of them. I could tell right off that this had all the trappings of a 2600 club meeting. Not wanting to arouse suspicion as older folks often do at meetings like this, I sat at a table a few yards away and read my magazines and drank my cafe mocha. I noticed that some of them were busy poking around a beautiful vintage Zenith ‘portable’ computer (portable in the sense it has a handle on it). Recognizing that that was once in my now long past collection of relics, I figured that I’d ask them about it. They were open to my questions about the old computer and verified that yes it was a 2600 meeting. Turns out they have been meeting there for about six months now. It was quite fun hearing to them talk about USB Linux distributions and attending the HOPE convention. One even passed out little pocket watch sized phones for everyone to play with. He got them at the dollar store and said if anyone wanted one feel free to take one. I declined stating that I don’t own a land line, a true statement.
I’m going to try my best to go to the next meeting, maybe I can give away some of the sub 1 GB 2.5 inch hard drives I have.