Earbud Clip

Clip for Earbuds

Well this is a higher tech than my binder clip solution I use. If you just can’t live with a black and chrome binder clip on your music player of choice – yes, I’m pretty sure that these will work on non-iPod players. Settle down in the back, such things exist you know. Live with it. (Silly Apple zealots…)
Looks handy and cheap, two things I like.

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Earbud Clip

Limited Edition from Triumph

If your in the market for a new bike and have the urge to get something that pretty much no one will have you can get one of these. Triumph is coming out with a limited edition line of motorcycles by designer Paul Smith. They look darn nice. You can also get the line of clothing and accessory collection if your of that particular vend. Either way, the bikes look cool.


NixieTube Desk Clock

One of these would be so cool to own…

Limited Edition Nixie tube desk clock
Functional art that mixes a little bit of history with modern electronics to create a clock design combining both the ultra modern 1960s with current retro trends. Deep stain wood box with glass door. Modern, custom electronics. Available for a limited time only. Each clock hand assembled.

Fred’s World of Science at www.niell.org

the FatJab

This is cool, might make a good output device for an SMS stream or maybe some artwork based on remote user input somewhere. I look forward to seeing stuff done with it.

It is a handheld printer that allows artists to print patterns and stories on any surface in the physical space. It deliberately doesn’t contain any sensing technology.

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the FatJab