Could This Be The Holy Grail?

Could a giant whirlpool in Scottland be the origins of the much speculated about Holy Grail? Author Stuart McHardy beleives that the monster Corryvreckan whirlpool is not only the source of local legends but is the origin of the Grail. Ancient local myths think of the whirlpool as the great cauldron of creation:

"These ancient pagan tribes saw the whirlpool as a giant cauldron – or Grail – of rebirth," he says. "They believed it was the womb of all creation and could even awaken dead warriors. It was literally their Holy Grail."

In traditional mysticism the Holy Grail is believed to posses the ability to heal the sick and to raise the dead. Sound familiar? Humm, there might be something to this…

Scotland’s Whirling Goddess or the Holy Grail?

Building a DIY a Makeshift Film Scanner

DIY Film Scanner


Do you have a bunch of 35mm negatives (or slides for that matter) that you would love to get into your computer? No, don’t try to force them into your floppy drive, you need to get the tools out and make a trip down to the DIY store for some parts. This nifty project will turn a tube and some plastic into a holder that you can take macro photos of your film. You might say ‘hey, my flat bed scanner will scan negatives. Why should I do this?’ Well, you might not know this but your digital camera has a greater dynamic range than most scanners. That means you shadows and highlights will retain more information when you shoot them. Nothing sucks more than scanning a slide in and seeing blown out highlights and noise in the shadows.

Creating a makeshift film scanner

The Museum of Unworkable Devices

gyro thingFreaky science dosen’t get any better than this:

This museum is a celebration of fascinating devices that don’t work. It houses diverse examples of the perverse genius of inventors who refused to let their thinking be intimidated by the laws of nature, remaining optimistic in the face of repeated failures. Watch and be amazed as we bring to life eccentric and even intricate perpetual motion machines that have remained steadfastly unmoving since their inception. Marvel at the ingenuity of the human mind, as it reinvents the square wheel in all of its possible variations. Exercise your mind to puzzle out exactly why they don’t work as the inventors intended.

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museum of unworkable Devices

Reptoid Research Center!?!


Ok, I’ll buy the underground cities but lizards? Oh come on…

Since the early 1990’s, John Rhodes has provided television and radio interviews, lectures, workshops, and media presentations to national and international audiences regarding his Terrestrial Reptoid Hypothesis. This hypothesis claims that the beings that humanity has been calling ‘E.T.’s’ or ‘Aliens’ are sightings of sentient Reptilian-Humanoid ‘Reptoid’ beings that are native to Earth.

The Terrestrial Reptoid Hypothesis further contends that the ancestors of the reptoids retreated into underground caverns during environmental cataclysms long ago, and that their descendant, now sentient, reptoid cultures are currently living in deep, remote cavern-cities undetected by mainstream humanity.

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Reptoid Research Center

NASA to Launch New Lunar Probe

Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite

NASA has announced that they will be launching a new space craft that will search for ice at the moons south pole. The hope is that water ice may be found to exist in the craters that never receive direct sunlight. If this is the case then the pathway to a fully manned moon base might be one step closer to being traveled upon. I hope that I can soon sit with my children in my arms and say, "Look at the moon, if you play your cards right you can live up there." 

NASA – Lunar reconnaissance Orbiter 

New Spacecraft Will Search for Lunar Ice