Travel Tinker Trouble Kit


Fancy yourself a bit of a MacGyver? With this you might be a bit closer if you make one of these.
This little unassuming Altoids tin holds the following:

  • A small Swiss Army Knife with the plastic removed to save space (the usual tools, knives, screw drivers, scissors, files, ect…)
  • The tiny ball point pen from the above knife, used to sit in the side cover but was inefficient there.
    Mini Sharpie marker.
  • Lock Picking Set, Tension Wrench, Rake, Diamond Pick.
  • LED light, from an old headlamp.
  • Folded piece of sand paper.
  • Paper clips.
  • Rubber bands.
  • Zip ties.
  • Dental Floss.
  • Strike anywhere matches.
  • Pills, sleeping, Clariton, Decongestant.

Not the sort of think you want to try explaining to the TSA guy when your trying to board your next flight, but then again if it will save your bacon in a tight spot you might want to stow this gem in you checked luggage. For years I kept a tiny (3″x”3″x1-/2″) first aid kit that had all sorts of ‘extra’ stuff in it with me and I can’t tell you how many time that came in handy. I think I need a new one… And some curiously strong mints.

[via MAKEzine]
Escape My Head: TTTk, Travel Tinker Trouble Kit

The High Altitude Slug Project

The High Altitude Slug Project

No, this isn’t some banana slug snuff project, the slug this uses is the Linksys NSLU2 wireless USB storage device. After a little firmware hacking you can convert your ‘Slug’ into a web server, streaming MP3 server, or eve a VoIP PBX!
Not to be outdone by others, these guys are planning on sending theirs up in a tiny R/C airplane attached to a weather balloon. The plan is to release it at 100,000 feet and have it fly home. On it’s way down the craft will take photos and make temperature and barometric readings. All this will be run by the 266MHz XScale computer in the NSLU2. Pretty darn impressive for a simple wireless USB port!

The High Altitude Slug Project

The Amazing Hackable Dog


These are great toys. If you ever see one at a yard sale you should not hesitate to buy it ASAP. Not only is it a feat of engineering magic, it’s also hackable. The ICybie site is full of links to info on how to modify and program new cartridges to create personalities, make an RS-232 connection to your PC, and even write your own code in for it.
The grand bin of links and hacks!
[AiboHack] ICybiePet’s ICybie Site

Official site Silverlit