New bigfoot

Well, the latest ‘bigfoot’ footage aired on the Tv show Current Affair yesterday.
To me it looks like a blob trudging along a lake shore. We all know that no human would ever walk along the shore of a lake… I like to look at it like this, Current Affair made a nice doanation to a city in Canada.
I do find it a bit of a chuckle that Current Affair is mounting a bigfoot hunt. Hum, is this the beginning of national sweeps weed by any chance?
Perhaps I’m selling all of this short, maybe there is a ‘yeti‘, ‘sasquatch‘, ‘bigfoot‘ what have you. There may be all sorts of creatures out there that we have never seen before. Every once in a while a new species will show up like a new kind of fish or some mammal that was thought to be extinct is found for sale in a market somewhere. Maybe one day someone will find a bigfoot body somewhere and that will be more evidence to support the theory that the critter is real and not just a guy in a suit wearing funny shoes.

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