Tony Stark / Arc Reactor Iron Man Costume of 2008

Arc Reactor (Tony Stark) costumeIn 2008 I needed a costume fast. I had a party to go to in a few days and I was at a loss as to what I should make. I was half way through moving and money and time were both in short supply. I built this passable version of the Arc Reactor from the film ‘Iron Man’ in about three hours. As I wasn’t going to take it out from under the shirt it didn’t need to be near film accurate, just look the part. Ah, the magic of Hollywood…. I got dozens of great complements about it from the various parties I went to…”
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Whoa… Cool Rockets!

These are so fantastic! As a fan of the ‘golden age of science fiction‘, this is what I envision spacecraft of that imagined far flung future would look like.

Cool Rockets is a line of resin-cast, hand-finished rocket ships, all inspired by the styles of the 40’s and 50’s rockets from comics, TV, and toys. Created by Jeff Brewer, a film and special-effects modelmaker in northern California, Cool Rockets offer a unique collection that is handmade, unique, and more affordable than you’d think. All the designs are original inspirations of an era, not copies of some vehicle you’ve seen in a movie or TV show.

Cool Rockets

Striped House Makes Neighbors See Red

I don’t see a serious problem with this but then again I’m not Japanese. I don’t have conformity drilled into my brain since birth…

Striped house makes neighbors see red

I don’t see a serious problem with this but then again I’m not Japanese. I don’t have conformity drilled into my brain since birth.

Renowned manga artist Kazuo Umezu (official web site) decided to go against the flow of his countrymen and painted red and white stripes on his new home. Rather fetching I say. His neighbors were not amused by his artistic antics and did what pissy neighbors do best, took him to court. After the case was reviewed by a judge the house was deemed to attract attention but not to destroy the view.

“Umezu, who attended court wearing a red-and-white striped tie, told reporters after the ruling, ‘‘I would like to live showing respect to others.’’”

Ha! Take that you repressed geezers!

Court turns down neighbors’ plea for cartoonist to remove stripes from house

Mechanical TV, Steampunk Style

Steampunk mechanical television

Steampunk Mechanical TV
This is a wonderful project to build a working Baird mechanical television (televisor) that uses, among other things, a real working steam engine and a record as it’s ‘Nipkow disk’. It’s a great idea, Steampunk with real steam, I can’t wait to see some stills from it.

Mechanical TV has been an interest of mine for years now. The very idea that in  the primordial age of television the best solution was a big spinning disk and a flickering neon lamp. I have a model of a Baird Televisior that I built from a kit. It benefits from modern electronic timing and low voltage parts (LEDS not neon bulbs). It clearly works but only produces the most rudimentry of moving images. I have transcoded a few video clips to play on it (it comes with an audio CD of video sequences) and for what it is I’m impressed. I still want to build a camera that I can use to display live motion on it. Perhaps I’ll design it with a Steampunk theme.

SteamTV Part 1 — first looks at my newest project

Have you hurled today?

Catapult Nothing but fun family time here. Everyone loves to build tiny replicas of Medieval siege machines! Let’s not forget that it’s also a great way to expand your mind…

A catapult project gives students a chance to see that science and engineering really can be fun, and it’s a lot more than just numbers on paper. The real payoff for an engineer is in the field, where she can see and enjoy the results of her ingenuity. And it may seem counterintuitive, but engineering projects not only help kids learn math and science, they are also great at getting kids back outdoors, away from the massive over-exposure to video games, TV and the Internet.

Amazing Full Sized Iron Votom – スコープドッグ ブルーティッシュカスタム

This is a true labor of love (no pun intended). This guy, who obviously has quite the kick ass shop, is building a full sized Votom battle suit out of iron plate. What he intends to do with it once he is done I have not the faintest clue. Maybe it goes in a museum as a display, maybe it’s an artistic project, maybe he is just building it because he wants to. Whatever the reason is it is one hell of a project.
スコープドッグ ブルーティッシュカスタム1/1

Want one of your own? Go visit Amazon and pick up a somewhat smaller than life sized verson.

Armored Trooper Votoms Scopedog Green 1/12 Scale Full Action Model