AMD Personal Internet Communicator

AMD Personal Internet Communicator
Ah, another ‘Internet only’ computer system. The specs look good and the price looks as if it might not be a loss leader for a monthly pay service (iOpener). If the WinCE on it will let a user control the USB ports it might make a nifty PC for all sorts of things. MP3 player for your car maybe? Brain for a robot? Can you load Linux on it??

    AMD Personal Internet Communicator (PIC)
    Codename: Emma
    Processor: AMD Geode GX500 366MHz @ 1W
    Memory: SDRAM DDR 128MB
    Hard Disk: 10GB
    I/O: 4xUSB, 56KB Modem, Audio
    System: MS Windows CE for Hand-held computers
    Softwares: IE, Messenger, Spreadsheet, & more
    Manufacturer: Solectron
    Price: 185$ without monitor – 249$ with monitor

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  1. I’m interested to buy AMD personal internet communicator. how can I post order? is this still available?

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