MAKE Link-a-Palooza!

Whee! Lazy link day. I should just cut and paste the entire MAKE site it’s just that good!
I’m still waiting for my copy to come in the mail. I saw it at Borders today and I’d a little worried that it might have become ‘lost’ somewhere. Anyone else having this problem?


Ah, the good old Marx generator. These things are fun to build, just don’t let them bite you! Same can ge said about leyden jars I might add…

MAKE: Blog: Build your own Marx Generator


Too cool!

MAKE: Blog: Surplus Store List

Build Music

Music projects are always fun to build. I wonder if I could attach one of these to my cell phone…

MAKE: Blog: Tonepad – DIY Music Projects

Photo Lab

I did the same thing for a bit less I think. B&W film is fun to develope at home, nowdays you just scan them and you don’t have to mess with an enlarger. I just wish I had a scanner with less scratched glass and some anti Newton ring surface to it so I could get sharper images.

MAKE: Blog: Make a Photo Lab For $49.38

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