Just when you thought you’d never see a usb thumb drive/camera/webcam/digital audio recorder/camcorder…

The Octave Multipod does it all except find itself.

Octave 5 in 1 device OK, is it just me, or is it realistic to think that this thing would make a crappy digital camera/voice recorder/webcam/video cam/USB dirve? Why does everybody think that if something is smaller, it has to be better…… I guess I’ll never get into the multi-use micro gadget craze. I do however like the single use micro gadgets. I guess I’m just fickle that way.

The Multipod is a digital camera, web camera, video camera, audio recorder and 128MB portable storage device. It does all of this in a three-quarter ounce shell case that’s the size of a disposable cigarette lighter.

On the other hand, it would be handy to have the use of any one of these gadgets at any time, and not have to carry 5 different items to do it. (See?….fickle!)

Anyway, Ocatve.com has it for $150 and I bet they selll quite a few of them too!