Umbrella Chronicles!!

The Umbrella Chronicles

Alexandria writes:
The very anticipated Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles is going to be released on 11/3/07.This Resident Evil game is a Wii exclusive which will no doubt make game play a bit more interesting but the people who don’t have a Wii will definitely miss out on this amazing game play. There will be different stages including, Resident Evil Zero, the Game Cube remake of Resident Evil, and Resident Evil 3 Nemesis  been. Characters currently known to be playable in the game are Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliveira, Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen and yes all of you Resident Evil fans Albert Wesker will also play a very important role in these games(I mean duh he IS Wesker!!).I might actually buy a Wii just so I can play this game. 🙂

Fan site: Umbrella Chronicles-

Buy (OK, pre-order)  your own copy from Amazon: Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Reality Television, Friend or Foe?

Vh1 seems to be taking over the world. First we have Flavor of love then Flavor of love 2 then a spin off I love New York and yet another spin off has been released Charm school. Our form of entertainment has been lowered to watching other peoples sad lives. The sad thing is it’s not just VH1 it’s all reality TV shows. Everyone asks "Why are our kids so fat?" maybe it’s because you go out to McDonalds every night for dinner and then come home and watch OTHER people playing cards! Reality television is going to become the new history channel for this generation. Sure I like to watch Charm School when I’m really bored and we can’t go anywhere (thanks to the law that says I can’t drive) but that’s not what I see as good quality programing. I think people should turn off the TV for awhile and get some exercise stop watching the shows about other people exercising and do it yourself.

Huh? but cool….

Fickle Flickers website offers glimpse into hallucinagen induced japanimation reality world…..

Fickle Swimmers

I stubled accross this site as a link for my previous post and tough it had some outstanding artwork on it. I was amazed to see such good work merging real photos with animated figures. I did not find the artists’ name but you have to click on the ‘profile’ button and then click on the artists rendition of himself….I though it was cute. (I may try and master this move for my daughter).

Not bad for a random stumble-surf-finding…..

Have fun!

Just when you thought you’d never see a usb thumb drive/camera/webcam/digital audio recorder/camcorder…

The Octave Multipod does it all except find itself.

Octave 5 in 1 device OK, is it just me, or is it realistic to think that this thing would make a crappy digital camera/voice recorder/webcam/video cam/USB dirve? Why does everybody think that if something is smaller, it has to be better…… I guess I’ll never get into the multi-use micro gadget craze. I do however like the single use micro gadgets. I guess I’m just fickle that way.

The Multipod is a digital camera, web camera, video camera, audio recorder and 128MB portable storage device. It does all of this in a three-quarter ounce shell case that’s the size of a disposable cigarette lighter.

On the other hand, it would be handy to have the use of any one of these gadgets at any time, and not have to carry 5 different items to do it. (See?….fickle!)

Anyway, has it for $150 and I bet they selll quite a few of them too!

Storm Chasers

A chance meeting with storm chasers in Aberdeen, SD.

Mad Max is tornado proof?

On the way back to Sioux Falls, I ran into a group of storm chasers filling up on gas and donuts at the local Gas Stop. Among the cool doppler equipped vehicles was a strange MadMax type vehicle appearently equipped for storm chasing. I saw this on the news a few nights ago, and the guy that built and drives it claims it is tornado proof…..yeah, I’d like to see the tests 😉
Here are a few pics I snapped as I stood around gawking like a local that just saw a two headed cow being beamed up by aliens.
(Why are we so fascinated by weather!?)

A New Target For Hackers?

CVS Camcorder

Well, It makes sense that a company has finally found a way to tap into the disposable market with a video camera. I have no doubts that there will soon be pages dedicated to hacking this device, and software written to be able to save the probable MPEG stream of video from the unit. More info can be found here