I’d call it the iCluck…


Don’t they look like iMacs? But truthfully, why on Earth would you want to put your chickens in something like this? Do people keep them as pets? I find that hard to believe, they are a phenomenally stupid creature – we do them a favor by eating them really.

Omlet makes these contemporary coops for urban dwellers and sells the chickens to go with them. Eglus are fitted throughout with wooden roosting bars and an integrated nesting box with privacy screen to preserve the chicken’s modesty when laying an egg.
The chickens are kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer with twin walled insulation. To make collecting your eggs easy, the eglu has an eggport which gives access to the nesting box. Upkeep of this coop is made easy via a slide out dropping tray and removable lid.

On the other hand, the rabbit houses might have some use. I can see having a rabbit as a pet.

[via MetaEfficient]
Omlet – Eglu

One thought on “I’d call it the iCluck…”

  1. Doh, the reason people keep chickens is 1. escape from the town a little countryside in the garden. 2. Free range non battery eggs 3. talking point with friends
    4. fun learning for children the list is endless and as for saying chickens are stupid really you make yourself look stupid by typing something you know nothing about. And finally these houses are really clean and hygenic
    my has just been delivered and its sun improvement on a sodden wooden one where the straw is pooped on and thechicken sits on the same straw
    [Hum, maybe I do know what I’m talking about. When I was younger (in my teens) I had a flock of about 30 chicken (Reds, Rocks, etc… Nothing fancy) and yes, they were just about dumb and a sack of spades. Had problems with rain, like wouldn’t go inside when it was falling..
    But I can see whey people would have them as talking points if that’s all there was to do in your part of the planet. Better than comparing lost teeth or the collection of rusted out buckets in the back yard. -John]

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