Art Recipe – Women Kissing.. Boring!

Flickr photoset - Two Women Kissing
I was cruising through my contacts on Flickrone fine day and spotted this tutorial… 

Then there was the woman, on the day of the Solstice Festival, in [arguably] the most open, bohemian neighborhood in Seattle, who became outraged at this drawing. Two women kissing. Minutes later, a full pint of Newcastle careened over across the entire moleskine sketchbook, completely drowning it. I didn’t see the woman do it, but what are the odds?
So I figured this would be a good Art Recipe, not only to show how to recover art from serious water (and hops) damage, but to revel in the simple beauty of two women kissing.

Not only is it good art (of women kissing) but you can see how it went from bar sketch to finished drawing.

Art Recipe – Women Kissing.. Boring! – a photoset on Flickr