Oh No, Not Again. The Phoenix Lights Are Back

Oh boy… I can hear the UFO people running around making up stuff about this already..

Phoenix residents again lit up police switchboards and news hotlines as bright stationary lights were again visible south of the skies of Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday night. Many residents of Arizona are particularly diligent sky watchers as the most reported UFO event in history that is commonly known as the ‘Phoenix Lights’ is nearing a ten-year anniversary. On March 13, 1997 several events composed the event known as the ‘Phoenix lights’ with most seeing tapes and photographs of the orbs that were spotted southwest of the Valley of the Sun on news channels and TV specials.

Umm, it’s parachute flares from the military gunnery range south of Phoenix? Just like the ones 10 years ago. But you know, if your a believer of this stuff no amount of proof will sway you opinion. Catalog this under religious faith.

Arizona Ufo: Phoenix Lights Return?
Video from Channel 10 News

7 thoughts on “Oh No, Not Again. The Phoenix Lights Are Back”

  1. What constitutes “religious faith” are people whose minds have already closed up and decided to accept what they’re told to believe by the media.

    There’s a fine line between rationale, (indeed, skeptical), scientific inquiry and blinkered closed-minded nay-saying. You have to question what you’ve been told and not just accept it on faith!

  2. Well, I like to say keep an open mind but don’t let it fall out. You sir, should be looking around for a nice clean towel to dust yours off with.

  3. People wake up! We are NOT the only living beings in our great universe. More and more ufo videos are all over the internet. Can’t call all of them phoney. There is a reason for the Phoenix Lights. Someone is trying to tell us something. Unfortunately, none of us know what to think. The media will con us to the bitter end. Our government will continue to lie to us about ufo’s. Though, the majority of humans believe there are ufo’s and aliens from other planets. Doesn’t matter to the con artists. Media and Government.

  4. naysayers and skeptics…. stfu… unless you have seen something you cannot explain you will remain a moron. you are severely on the wrong side of history and amongst the very very UN -informed, if you dismiss immediately, the reports of sightings.

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