Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show

Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show (Episode 1)

Now, having seen more Japanese TV than the average American I can tell you that this is just about what normal daytime programming is like in Japan. Just kidding, but this is an amusing and well crafted parody. ‘Talk to the hotdog, he can read your mind’. HA! If anyone ever needed a definition of the word ‘engrish’ this would be it.
As the video discription states:

One part Pee Wee’s Playhouse, one part crazy, unpredictable Japanese talk show, and one part whole milk. Mix and serve chilled. Written by Kim Evey and directed by Greg Benson. .. May not be suitable for children. Or adults.

I hope there are more episodes coming up soon, this is the most entertainment I’m had in weeks! The clip is produced by  Mediocre Films out of LA and looks to be something that I’m going ot have to keep looking out for.

3 thoughts on “Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show”

  1. hey the girl is not japanese. she try to be like, but I can tell from her accent, intonation, and even her face. i do not know why they made this video to be like japanese tV show….

  2. hey “a japanese man”, DER, anyone could have figured that out on their own. but can anyone else recognize the larger problem with this a sea of derivative works we are inundated by? when did japanese eccentricities turn from curio to mainstream ironic self-parodying? and your straight man is really really effing boring. this is a tired parody. tell us something we don’t know about, kim evey and greg benson, that asian people are so strange and entertaining and enlighten us and change the way we think rather than appease our own gluttinous need for the familiar and comfortable (albeit hilarious) stereotypes.

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