US Postal Service Removes Clocks to Speed Up Time, WTF?

USPSNormally I’d make a long winded rant about the piss poor service I have been getting at my local post offices lately but I see little point in it. Lets just say that if the overlords at the USPS would wake up they would realize that customer service and proficiency of your tasks should be ‘job one’. Whey you employ chatter boxes and inept fools at the front lines (counter help) your making a big mistake. I don’t know what genius decided that taking the clocks out of the waiting room was a good idea but I bet i was the same ass that did away with the ‘take a number’ concept. Perhaps this is a ploy to get everyone to use FedEx and UPS so the postal employees can whine and cry about being put out of a job by those guys. Somehow the ‘forever stamp‘ works into that scenario I’m sure. Jerks. I blame the unions…

[via Consumerist]
Postal Service fixes long waits by removing clocks

One thought on “US Postal Service Removes Clocks to Speed Up Time, WTF?”

  1. USPS is awesome. Forget you. They do a great job. I’ve used them for years in my ebay business. Never lost anything, never broke anything. Flawless. That’s way more than I can say for UPS, for example, who has broken many things. I won’t use them anymore.

    The problem with the post office are the idiots in our government that want to privatize everything. Privatization … DOES. NOT. WORK. Anyone who doubts that, at this stage of the worst administration in the history of the country, has not been paying attention. It only works to the benefit of investors. The rest of us be damned.

    The privateers have been working to cripple the postal service in hopes of privitizing it. You think it’s bad now…!

    Unions? Find another enemy. Unions used to function to counterbalance the power of corporations, but now, put a bunch of dumbass businessmen in charge of your government and, oops, there goes not only your unions, but your middle class, your environment, your privacy, your culture, control of your own government!

    Well, at least the rich are doing well (where’s my guillotine?)

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