Gallery Plugin Test

I’m playing with the idea of using a Flickr gallery plugin to display images on this site. So far it’s working rather well…

Taken with an iPhone:

[miniflickr user_id=”16433415@N00″ tags=”iphone” per_page=”10″ ] iPhone images[/miniflickr]

From various pinhole cameras:

[miniflickr user_id=”16433415@N00″ tags=”pinhole” per_page=”10″ ] Pinhole images[/miniflickr]

Panoramic images:

[miniflickr user_id=”16433415@N00″ tags=”panorama” per_page=”10″ ] Panoramic images[/miniflickr]

Infrared Images (lots of images):

[miniflickr photoset_id=”72157619232420240″ ]Infrared images[/miniflickr]