PXL2000 – Alive and Well


Any one remember the Fisher-Price PLX2000 video camera? Yeah, it’s the one that recorded a smaller than normal sized video image (gutter boxed) onto regular audio cassette tape. It was meant for kids but it soon found a following with video artists all over the place. I used to have a few of them, one I even modded to have a direct video out so the picture quality would be better because it could feed into a regular VTR directly. Anyway, I was tooling around the backwaters of YouTube yesterday and discovered that some people have uploaded and tagged footage from these cameras. I have a link here so you can see the classic camera in action. If you have any footage, and you can still play the tapes back on your camera, you should upload them and join in the fun.

YouTube – tag ‘pxl’ 

Kitbashing and Scratchbuilding Spaceships


This quote sums up this DIY project quite nicely:

When you go to the hardware store, or even the grocery store, force yourself to start looking for product containers that have interesting shapes. Don’t look at them and think: "Oooo, only my spouse would buy a bottle like that." Instead look at it and think: "Wow-There sits my next starship engine nacelle", or "Man-that deodorant stick case would make a great hand phaser with some additional parts."

I do this all the time. Kitbashing and scratchbuilding models has been a hobby of mine for years. Go have a look at this outstanding tutorial and have a go at it yourself. Trust me, you will never look at a bit of plastic packaging the same way again. Someday I’ll have to post photos of all the weird junk I’ve made by doing this.

[via MAKE]

Make Spaceships from Aspirin Bottles and Toilet Items

The K67 kiosk

K67 Kiosk 

I think I might have seen one of these in Bangkok but I’m not sure.

Patented in 1967, K67 was prepared for its serial production in 1968 with the first exhibition of prototypes in Ljutomer (Slovenia). In April 1970 K67 was published in an English design magazine with the article "Low life from the streets" and the Museum of Modern Art in New York included it into its collection of 20th century design. The K67 was sold in large quantities not only to the countries of Ex-Yugoslavia, but also to the COMECON countries and other continents (eg. Japan and New Zealand). Due to the fact that the K67 principle is copied several times by other companies, K67 came to embody the Eastern European kiosk culture.

we make money not art: The K67 kiosk

Storm Photos in Kansas


Some places don’t have much in the way of weather. Yeah, it may rain sometimes or get a little windy but for the most part nature takes a break and just chills. Kansas is not one of those places. In Kansas nature saves it up and goes for broke whenever there is a change in the weather. From the picture it may look like a volcano just blew it’s top and is hard at filling the bread basket of the country with ash but it’s not. This is an advancing thunder storm that swept through the area on May 26th of 2006.  The photos are very impressive, and it’s amazing that people are willing to put themselves are quite a bit of risk to get these shot.

[via cnet

Backing Winds: May 26th chase

How to make a Coin Ring

Coin Ring This like DIY has been floating around the ‘net for a while now and if you have any solid silver coins that are now in mint collectors condition you couls make one of these. Looks very easy and you don’t need too mamy special tools (a hammer and a moto tool are the biggest)

How to make a Coin Ring
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