Kitbashing and Scratchbuilding Spaceships


This quote sums up this DIY project quite nicely:

When you go to the hardware store, or even the grocery store, force yourself to start looking for product containers that have interesting shapes. Don’t look at them and think: "Oooo, only my spouse would buy a bottle like that." Instead look at it and think: "Wow-There sits my next starship engine nacelle", or "Man-that deodorant stick case would make a great hand phaser with some additional parts."

I do this all the time. Kitbashing and scratchbuilding models has been a hobby of mine for years. Go have a look at this outstanding tutorial and have a go at it yourself. Trust me, you will never look at a bit of plastic packaging the same way again. Someday I’ll have to post photos of all the weird junk I’ve made by doing this.

[via MAKE]

Make Spaceships from Aspirin Bottles and Toilet Items