A little Site Maintenance

Wordpress Feedburner Plugin

I’ve been making quite a few changes to the ‘ol site lately. If your a new reader you might not notice, if not let me know what you think. Mmm-kay? I had to re-do the RSS feeds that are going through Feedburner because my .htaccess file had become snorked up. I fixed it so if your feeds haven’t been coming through you will know why. Every thing is normal here now. OK, should be normal. If not let me know.

I ended up opting for a plugin solution to my RSS redirection as hand editing the .htaccess file is becoming a right pain in the arse. I went with the plugin offered by Steve Smith. A very cool and slick interface for setting all of it up. Just on note, if you choose to use the plugin yourself, you might have to do edit a couple of things. If your WordPress isn’t in the root you will have to change the feed that you give Feedburner. Remove the ‘/wordpres/’ bit. You will know it when you see it. Also, in the .php file for the plugin you should change ‘get_settings(’home’)’ to ‘get_settings(’siteurl’)’. You do that (and provided your .htaccess file is set to 666) and your in like Flint.

WordPress FeedBurner Plugin // Ordered List by Steve Smith