Amazing Full Sized Iron Votom – スコープドッグ ブルーティッシュカスタム

This is a true labor of love (no pun intended). This guy, who obviously has quite the kick ass shop, is building a full sized Votom battle suit out of iron plate. What he intends to do with it once he is done I have not the faintest clue. Maybe it goes in a museum as a display, maybe it’s an artistic project, maybe he is just building it because he wants to. Whatever the reason is it is one hell of a project.
スコープドッグ ブルーティッシュカスタム1/1

Want one of your own? Go visit Amazon and pick up a somewhat smaller than life sized verson.

Armored Trooper Votoms Scopedog Green 1/12 Scale Full Action Model

New Holographic Display Technology

Advances in display technology are simply amazing. I hope to see holographic display units so common place that they are used in cheap kids toys like and LCD would be used today.

The new material is comprised of photorefractive polymers. These chemicals have photoelectric properties that make them well-suited to storing the optical interference patterns used to produce holograms. When a photorefractive polymer is exposed to a pattern of bright and dark areas, electrons are released from the areas exposed to high-intensity light and migrate to areas that are darker. Once in place, the electron-rich areas diffract light differently from the electron-poor ones, allowing the original interference pattern to be reproduced when the material is exposed to light

Holodeck 0.1: the durable, rewritable holographic display

Rise of the Exoskeletons

robo soldiersSoon you may be seeing squads of power suited troops on your evening news reports from international hot spots. Or at least that is what the Utah based start up company SARCOS wants. The exoskeletons amplify the strength of the operator enabling them to lift 200 pounds with no effort without sacrificing agility and speed. Even as these early tests were all tethered to a power supply, building a backpack sized power supply should be right around the corner.

[via futurismic]
Soldiers To Become Super-Human Mech Warriors

The Steampunk Home

The Steampunk HouseIf your looking for decorating ideas that are a little out of the norm…

The Steampunk Home

Wooden Binary Adding Machine


Quite amazing. I hope he builds some more computer parts out of wood.

… a few months ago, I had an idea as to how the divide by two mechanisms from my first marble machine could be cascaded together to actually function as a sort of adder or counter. Once I had that idea, I knew I had to try it at some point, and recently, I finally got around to building my marble binary adding machine.

[via MAKE]
Binary marble adding machine

Problem Light (Steampunk edition)

Very nice execution of this project.

Think of a smoke alarm…but more general.
So, as I began plotting my own problem light, in the Venture Bros style, my friend told me she was redoing her living room steampunk-style.
I began to wonder, how do you do a late 1800s LED…and I ran to scribble a drawing.

The photoset of the build is quite detailed and lends itself to being easily reproducible, it would be a fun project for a long weekend.

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Problem Light (Steampunk edition) – a photoset on Flickr