The Geobat


Looks like a workable design, there are R/C flying models of it and they act pretty stable. The 1/4 scale (5.5 feet) craft is downright impressive, I would very much like to see the full scale version come to market. At the very least as a kit that an experimenter could build on their own. General aviation has taken a big hit in the last few decades due to the rising cost of aircrafts, maintenance, and insurance. Plus I think that many people just don’t get exposure to aviation like they once did. In my fathers day, due to pilots being trained for World War II, the general aviation field entered it’s golden era. My dad dusted crops in North Dakota from his Piper Cub and people were talking about every family owning their own flying car. Now days that is still a dream. I hope the Geobat makes it.
I could even see in the future a group of Geobats preforming acrobatics at air shows. Talk about a show stopper!

Good overall performance envelope combining outstanding Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) performance, (expecting less than 500 ft. ground run) reasonably high cruise speeds (180 – 220 mph depending on power installed and cruise altitude), with eyewatering aerobatic performance. Expect power-off stall speed to be at or below 55 mph with flaps down at nominal gross weight. Excellent forward visibility combined with transparent floor panels creating a helicopter-like cockpit environment. Unique leading edge design feature, transparent leading edges about the forward and rear wings are illuminated with lights (pick your color).

BTW, they have a store if you want to build your own! (Sorry, radio control only)

Flying Saucers – The Geobat

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How to make a Coin Ring

Coin Ring This like DIY has been floating around the ‘net for a while now and if you have any solid silver coins that are now in mint collectors condition you couls make one of these. Looks very easy and you don’t need too mamy special tools (a hammer and a moto tool are the biggest)

How to make a Coin Ring
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