Optical Mouse as Motion Sensor

Mouse camera image
This is darn cool, use an optical mouse as a position sensor.
From the site: “Most optical mice are based on a technology where a small sensor take a small microscopic picture of the surface and detects the mouse movement by mathematically comparing sequential images. ”
This could make a dandy white line/direction sensor for a robot.
Interface to Optical Mouse Sensor
I suppose someone could also make a barcode scanner out of an optical mouse with little work… Humm….

Argus C3

Tested out my Argus C3 ‘brick’ today. Results are good except that the close focus is all messed up. If I use the rangefinder to focus on something close, say five foot away its totaly blurry and the background is crisp when I look at the print. 30 foot and on is fine, nice and sharp. I guess its yet another project to start on.


I asked my 11 year old daughter Alex what she thought of the presidential debates and she said she would rather see a debate between Spongebob and Patrick. I thought about that for a while and realized that she could be right. I think that come Novemeber we will be faced with either voting for a pink starfish or a yellow sponge… I think I’ll vote for Plankton.