Rubber Band Gun Mayhem

Not only is this super fun looking, but there are some very nice build photos that show how the SRBG2007SideWinder is constructed. Electric powered, fires hundreds of shots, simple design, what more could you ask for in a rubber band gun?
But if that wasn’t cool enough, you should look through the pages of the Japan Rubber Band Gun Shooting Association. Yes, there is a group of people that get together and compare notes on how to build rubber band guns.

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SRBG2007SideWinder photo gallery

Japan Rubber Band Gun Shooting Association
(in Google English)

Blackbird Fly TLR Camera

New reto 35mm camera from Japan, Blackbird Fly twin-lens reflex.

blackbird-fly-camera-1Using traditional film has become the ‘hip cool thing’ for photographers these days. The heck with the instant gratification and low cost of use that digital gives you, shoot with a medium that you have to wait for the results until after you get it back from the expensive lab. Don’t worry if you think the only place you can find a film camera is at a thrift store or a collectible camera store, you can still buy them new. I happened across this fine example of a modern 35mm camera the other day. I give you the Blackbird Fly TLR (wiki: Twin-Lens Reflex). The camera sports a waist level viewfinder, two shutter speeds (bulb and 1/125) and two apature sizes (f-7 and f-11), three format (normal 24mm x 36mm, square 24mm x 24mm, and a full frame with sprocket holes) masks, a hot shoe for a flash, and a manual variable focus (.8 m to infinity). These specs won’t hold up next to a Rollei or a Seagull but then you aren’t paying for that. You get a cool yet functional retro looking (in three colors no less) camera that lets you get all creative with your snapshots. Plus as it uses standard 35mm film you can grab film for is just about anywhere (a little tip: get the out of date stuff, it’s cheap and if the colors are a bit off you can credit that to your artistic abilities).

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Blackbird Fly

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Striped House Makes Neighbors See Red

I don’t see a serious problem with this but then again I’m not Japanese. I don’t have conformity drilled into my brain since birth…

Striped house makes neighbors see red

I don’t see a serious problem with this but then again I’m not Japanese. I don’t have conformity drilled into my brain since birth.

Renowned manga artist Kazuo Umezu (official web site) decided to go against the flow of his countrymen and painted red and white stripes on his new home. Rather fetching I say. His neighbors were not amused by his artistic antics and did what pissy neighbors do best, took him to court. After the case was reviewed by a judge the house was deemed to attract attention but not to destroy the view.

“Umezu, who attended court wearing a red-and-white striped tie, told reporters after the ruling, ‘‘I would like to live showing respect to others.’’”

Ha! Take that you repressed geezers!

Court turns down neighbors’ plea for cartoonist to remove stripes from house

Now You’re Cooking With … USB?

Cooking with USB power Remembering that your typical USB port delivers 2.5 W doing anything other than lighting up a novelty hub or a clever little tree is about all you can do. Not quite. A clever fellow in Japan set out to prove this wrong. By using six five port USB expansion cards he has upped the thermal output from a wimpy 2.5 W to a respectable 75W! Oh yes, you can see where this is going. This looks like this is his second attempt at computer assisted gastronomy, he tried to cook an egg before. This time he succeeded in frying some beef rib meat (Sukiyaki anyone?) Good thing he has improved his design so we can all follow in his footsteps and … er, well we can imagine that we will follow in his footsteps, and be cooking a tasty dinner while leveling up in WoW.

(Japanese version translated by the never sleeping giants at Google)

Bankquest: Fight your way to riches

This is a clever way to get kids in the habit of saving their money. It’s a traditional piggybank with a twist, the more you save the more gold your little character in the RPG game on the front gets to spend. Think of Tamagotchi that eats quarters. You can save around 50,000 yen (about $500US) so it’s a pretty good deal for a kid. Heck, good for an adult too because the interest rates in Japan are .5 %.

[via Boing Boing Gadgets]
Bankquest – Akihabara News