Japanese Klled by Russian Gunfire, Work Related Accident?

Japan NiponTalk about rough work conditions…

A local labor standards inspection office has designated the death of a Japanese fisherman shot dead by Russia near a chain of disputed islands as a government work-related accident, and has started paying his bereaved family a pension, it has been learned.

Death of Japanese fisherman killed by Russian gunfire accepted as work accident

Robotic People Sweeper

Now I’m all for robots helping in our lives but this is kind of weird. These are apparently photos of a series of robotic rescue devices. The idea is that they can gently (I hope!) remove people from places that firefighters can’t get to due to smoke of heat. I’m sure that there are newer versions that don’t look like something that is out of some sci-fi ‘robots are going to eat all humans’ kind of movie. At least I hope that is the case.

[via Tokyo Times]
Unmanned rescue robot ([robokiyu]) translated page via Google

Japanese Ad Supported Vending Machines?

Delight vending machine
Cool, in Japan you may be able to get a yummy drink not for hard earned Yen but for a slice of time. A company has plans to introduce vending machines that will offer free drinks is you agree to watch a 30 second commercial. I have no idea how the machines will verify if you are watching, face sensing algorithm I suppose. Maybe it will void the offer if your eyes lose track. I might work. If so this will become a target of clever people looking to get some free drinks.

[via lonelocust]
Coming Soon in Japan: Free drink vending machines!!