Micro R/C Car Hacks for Model Airplane Use

This is a great example of what you can do with the right parts a bit of know how.

This article describes the construction of a rudder-only controlled model airplane that weighs 2.5 ounces. Total cost was about $35. For sure, I learned some interesting things along the way, all of which are shared here. The good news is that the electronic modifications are working well.Perhaps there’s something in here that you will find useful for YOUR own Micro-Sizer / BitChar-G airplane powered hack.

[via DIY Live]
RC-CAM Projects: Micro R/C Car Hacks for Model Airplane Use

DIY Nikon D70 Infrared Camera Mod

Removing the infrared filter n a Nikon D70 DSLR cameraAh, there is nothing quite like the thrill of hacking up an expensive digital camera and undoing what engineers spent countless hours fixing. I’m referring to the filter that cuts down the infrared wavelength light that strikes the image sensor. You see, if you don’t filter out the IR your images tend ot be washed out. Now this is fine if you just want to take the same old boring pictures that everyone else does. If you don’t, then this hack is for you. Once you have done this you can make some very cool looking photos by shooting through what to the naked eye looks to be a solid sheet of plastic. That plastic is a filter that only passes infrared light. Grass and leaves look white, dark clothing looks gray, the sky is black… The effect is stunning.

Nikon D70 IR cut filter removal

Best DIY 747 Flight Simulator Ever

Woooow! This is sooooo cool! Ok, I feel better now. I was scanning Neat-o-ramma tonight and saw this. This is the best DIY flight sim I have ever seen, even has multi axis movement simulation.

Australian amateur pilot and flight sim enthusiast Matthew Sheil spent 10 years and $230,000 to create a homemade flight simulator that precisely mimics the 747 cockpit down to the last dial, knob, and switch!
Link | Matthew’s website (tons more photos, but I can only see ‘em in IE, not Firefox)

[via neat-o-rama]
Matthew Sheil’s 747 Simulator

Fire Starting Flashlight

Now I can see why the British call them ‘torches’! A modded MagLite, some high power batteries and a projector bulb will get you one hell of a hot flashlight. WARNING! Do not use this to read books under the covers, that is unless you sleep on a stone slab and your sheets are made of asbestos.
Extreme Geek – Fire starting flashlight

Portable Commodore 64 – The Picodore 64

This has been making the rounds lately:

Here are a few pics of my own DTV Hummer project. I had an old PSOne LCD screen lying around and I thought I’d make a C64 laptop. Actually, it’s more like a C64 PDA! It measures 6.5 x 6 x 1.5 inches (15.5 x 16.5 x 4 cm) when closed. It can run from an AC wall adapter or 6 NiMH AA batteries. The keyboard is hacked from a portable folding keyboard for a Jornada PDA which outputs RS-232. I’m using a PIC 16F88 to decode the signals and re-encode them to PS/2 (that was an ordeal to figure out). The PIC checks to see if an external PS/2 keyboard is connected on power up. If one is hooked up, it will route data from that instead. There is an internal ampilfied speaker as well as connections for audio and video output on the back. There’s a serial connection for a disk drive and an SD card slot in the side for a 1541-III but I haven’t been able to get that to work yet. I also have a connection for a userport/joystick. The joystick in the picture is a hacked Atari keychain joystick. The mini joystick wasn’t in the original plan but after I accidentally discovered it on ebay, it seemed perfect.

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Project homepage

Petscii Forums "PETSCII.COM" – Unveiling the Picodore 64 – a Commodore PDA!