Canon ????????- Paper Craft

Canon paper craftsNeed a little something to get you through the week before starting on your next big project? The Canon paper craft site might have a quick (or not so quick) project for you. Everything from planes to spaceships to scale model insects and all are made from simple paper. BTW, if your in a pinch for a quick gift for the uber geek in your life a few of these will definitely make their day.

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Canon Japan Paper Craft

Cardboard Reflex Camera

cardboard SLR Camera

Who says you need to buy a Nikon or a Canon or even a Minolta to own an SLR when you have cardboard and paste handy? Sure, it may lack a few creature comforts like shutter speeds faster than bulb or a F stops on the lens, but you don’t need those to take a nice photograph. I like the orange curved lever that is used to pull up the mirror before you open the shutter, very clever.

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Uêba – Cardboard Reflex Camera