‘Le Magnetique’ Magnetic Fingernail Polish

Le Magnetique fingernail polishThis is a rather unusual application of magnetic principals. The nail polish is applied in a normal way but before you let it dry you hold the magnet (included with the bottle) over the wet polish and let the magnetic particles that are suspended in the pigment arrange themselves. When the lacquer dries the metallic particles are frozen in place and you get some clever patterns. I’m not a user of nail polish myself but I bet I could think of some science projects that this stuff would be good for.
All Lacquered Up: Lancome Le Magnetique

Amazing Music Video Animated With Dice!

Least anyone even dare to think that traditional animation is dead…

This is a neat music video, called Ankle Injuries, from the English band Fujiya & Miyagi, where the "ASCII"-styled animation was done with hundreds and hundreds of dice.

This animation must have taken forever to finish! I wonder if they shot the bottom of the dice through a sheet of glass to make it easier to keep things clean and to move the dice around. The tune is darn catchy too, I’m going to have to get some of their music.
Fujiya & Miyagi official website, wikipedia entry
[via neatorama]

Comic Con 2007 Photo Safari

Comic Con 2007 - Cylons!
Last week I attended what was arguably the largest gathering of fans of any sort I had ever been part of. Over 140,000 people from all over the world descended upon the San Diego convention center for four days of total nerd nirvana. Comics, movies, toys, collectibles, TV stars… For me the best parts were getting to meet Syd Mead and seeing Ray Bradbury again.

Comic Con 2007 photo set on Flickr

Replica Submarine Make Waves

Photo credit: ABC NewsYou just have to love New York…

A man in a Revolutionary War-era submarine was cited by the U.S. Coast Guard for drifting into a security zone, and for unsafe sailing in New York’s East River near the Queen Mary 2 luxury liner, the Coast Guard and New York City Police Department said Friday.

I remember when I first saw a drawing of the famous ‘Turtle‘ I was fascinated by the entire concept. It’s a good thing that I didn’t live around any lakes or I might not have survived my childhood.
I applaud the artist for making such a cool contraption I have to wonder why he didn’t think of the obvious repercussions of taking such a craft into a busy water way. Lights, reflectors, having a line to a boat… I’m all for the coolness of an adventure like this but you have to use some common sense and think about safety.
(sorry about the headline, it was such an obvious joke I just had to do it)
ABC News: NYC Man Cited for 1775 Submarine
Adventures With an Egg – Flickr photoset
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