Japanese Manga Onomatopoeias

Image from http://www.imageandnarrative.be/narratology/cegliavaleri.htmThe Japanese comic style known as ‘Manga‘(wiki) uses all sorts of sound effects that go far beyond the old ‘POW’, ‘BANG’, and ‘BAM’ that most westerners grew up with . They have a rich textual symbology of onomatopoeias that when translated can cause some confusion. I can see how ‘fwahaha’ would mean an evil laugh but I’m at a loss as how ‘zuzu’ is the sound that drinking through a straw makes.
If you are a reader of manga than you should find this list helpful.

Japanese Sound effects and what they mean

The Sharp eMobile EM-ONE, Super Phone from Japan

Sharp EM-ONE eMobile PhoneGahh! I wish the data network here in America were as advanced as the ones in Japan. 3.6mb/s? That’s better than what I get on my cable modem at my home.

March 31st is going to bring some major changes when eMobile brings it’s unlimited high-speed (3.6mbps HSPDA) service for a flat monthly rate of ¥4980 ($43). The current mobile data leader Willcom offers a flat-rate service of 128kbps for ¥9000 ($77). As Gerhard points out, eMobiles service is 30 times the speed at half the price. Below is an exclusive look at eMobile’s EM-ONE PDA which will work with the new data service and has wi-fi, digital tv, a 4.1 inch Sharp display, a camera, and Windows Mobile 5.0.

YOu have to check the full article out, this is one hell of a phone.

Trends in Japan – Tokyo Blog » A look at eMobile, the EM-ONE, and the coming upheaval in Japan

“Exotic Series” Kit Kat Bars in Japan

Exotic Series Kit kat BarsI wouldn’t mind trying a few of these. But not any that are mint flavored please, I don’t like my chocolate adulterated with mint. Ugh!

These days, Kit Kats are absolutely HUGE in Japan, with a variety of flavors that ranges from “wine” to “green tea” to the latest “brandy and orange”. Now, Kit Kat has taken a page from the Hello Kitty playbook and has started to create custom regionalized chocolate bars!

Oh yeah, why are Kit Kat bars popular in Japan? It’s because the phrase "kitto Katsu" ("I hope you sucsseed!") sounds a lot like ‘Kit Kat"
Trends in Japan – Tokyo Blog » Japan still Kit Kat krazy with the regionalized “Exotic Series”

Humand Powered Roller Coaster in Japan

Human Powered Roller Coaster in JapanSure, it could be hard work getting up the first hill but you can sure as hell count me in!

Here is the future of the green amusement park: The Skycycle at Washuzan Highland Park in Okayama, a pedal-powered roller coaster. They clearly have some dramatic topography to take advantage of here, and it looks truly frightening. Most North American amusement parks are on pretty flat terrain but they often build artificial mountains- Demand a green ride like this on the Magic Mountain.
The side-by-side tandem pedal-powered carts have seat belts, and a cute pink basket

TreeHugger-Style Roller Coaster in Japan: It’s Pedal Powered

Japanese Deep Fat Fryer Dwelling Goldfish

Japanese deep fat fryer dwelling goldfishThis is an excellent exploit of basic physics.

Because oil floats on water, despite the massive heat (163 degrees Celsius) the goldfish simply stay away from the surface and all is well. They eat the crumbs of croquettes and other fried foods that fall to the bottom, and can live in there for 5-10 years as they happily clean away, ignorant to the fact that certain death awaits any potential escapees.

[via boingboing kottke]
Deep-fry diving for goldfish in Japan