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  1. Orin

    That, sir, is awesome. Congrats! About what size finger do you have, in ring sizes?

    [About a 9 something. I forget. I’m going to look for a silver coin in the next few weeks to give this a go. -John]

  2. chase

    can you send me an e mail with a little more details on how to go about doing that

  3. Luke

    It’s not as easy as it looks

    [I’m sure that is quite true. -John]

  4. ZippyStevey

    I make mine in an entirely different way! Only handtools, nothing electric at all. Hammers, 3 different size files, sandpaper, that’s about it.
    Mine look alot different, too…I leave the writing on the outside and inside of the ring so anyone can look at it and see it was a coin. If you want to see pictures, check out for them. Thanks for reading this, Steve

  5. Val

    I made them differently too. I’ve made two in 2 days, each took about 2-3 hours. I used an Austrian schilling and an Italian 50 lire piece. I didn’t think of looking for a website to find out how to do it until now. I started by drilling a hole, mounted it on a tapered steel spike, then folded over the edge 90 degrees. Depending on which way you fold it you can get the writing on the inside or outside. I tried both. The first one I just hammered over. The second I heated first to soften. I’ll try hammering the edge on the next one.

  6. Dooma

    How does the guy above fold it? I’ve seen ones online that have writing and years on the outside… anyone know how to do this? I don’t want to pay $50 for one. Thanks!

  7. kangaroopoop

    he said he drills a hole, puts it on a spike and hammers, can you use any coin?

  8. anonymos

    very cool what kind of silver coins for different ring sizes?

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