Kodak to Discontinue Black-And-White Paper

Kodak paper

Well, it had to happen sooner of later. Kodak, the once king of the film world, is going to stop producing their line of black and white photographic papers. Not too long ago they announced that they were going to halt production of some of their Super 8 films.
Now that Kodak is no longer going to be making B&W paper, what is the student or lover of traditional photography to do? Use Agfa paper? Nope, filed for bankruptcy last month. Illford? Filed for bankruptcy last year. What the heck are you going to do, its not like there are any more papers out there, is there?
You can still buy Mitsubishi Gekko, Porter’s brand, and the classic Oriental Seagull paper – great stuff by the way, I remember using some when I was in school and loved the contrast on that stuff.
I have a few links below if you want to stock up your paper safe.

Kodak to Discontinue Black-And-White Paper – Yahoo! News
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