Blimp Crash

Blimp crash

I love blimps. I think that lighter than air vehicles will come around again as a popular mode of transportation. I have long thought that trips between say San Francisco and New York would be very popular. Imagine what a trip up the west coast to Alaska would be like. Now thats a cruse I’d like to be on.
Yes I know, I writing all this while posting a story about a blimp crash. I’m doing to because it proves that the blimps, while not impervious, are very safe. there were no deaths on the ground and the crew was able to walk away under their own power. How many commercial and private air crashes have a happy ending like this?
I’m not going to count military crashes, many of those are fatal but in most the air crew can bail out – everyone else have to ride the tin can to the ground.
One of my dreams in life is to take a blimp tour of the Grand Canyon. To silently drift down the canyon at the break of dawn would be bliss.

The Goodyear blimp Stars & Stripes crashed Thursday night, amidst a spectacular summer lightning storm, into a Coral Springs storage building. The two pilots walked away from the blimp after the crash unharmed, and no injuries were reported on the ground

Goodyear blimp crashes in north Broward
Photo gallery: Blimp crash

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