Solar Grill

Solar Grill

It would be cool if the city parks here in Phoenix had these at a few of the BBQ pits. I’d use them, there is loads of sun here so it shold make short work of anything you chuck on the spit.

Solar Grill by Tammock Trading
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Posted: July 4th, 2005
at 7:44pm by John

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  1. My name is Carlo and i live in Rome.

    I look at your solar cooking devices in the your web pages and i am very happy to see that other people think to several solar grill device.
    I have also understand that no one of the devices i seen in web is similar to my project and for this reason i will send to you my device.
    I am a public relation man working in factory marketing who love outdoor and offshore life.
    For this reason, many times and in several situations, i needed of a system able to cooke foods by only sun power and
    , in 2000, i invented and filed several new very simple solar barbecue devices in a competent office for worlwide rights able to coke without charcoal, gas or electric power but never i can think that it was a good idea till i see your web site today.

    The basilar idea is the sunbeams utilization to cooke food by two orientable mirrors and a focusing glass installed in a simple grill (or barbecue) structure.

    the 1st mirror captures the sunbeams and send them in the 2th mirror installed under the coke board,

    the 2nd mirror send the solar beams to an orientable focal glass installed between the 2nd mirror and the cookie board. The sunbeams pass throught the focusing glass arriving till the bottom side of cooking board producing very warm to coke the foods.With a biggest focusing glass as large as the cooke plane i am sure to cooke every foods kind.

    I want attach and send you also 3 file bmp showing only tree of the several draws and devices i developed for my solar barbecue but with this e-mail system is impossible. Send me an e-mail undress to send the draws to.
    Others my devices utilize parabolic mirror in a different way but this is only a choice problem.

    Naturally, in this new kinds of barbecue , in clouding days, can be installed standard electric power, gas and charcoal cooking systems.

    To promotion it i think to a survival competition with only this solar cooking system player’s luggage and you could be the sponsor of this new reality idea i filed too.
    If someone is interesting to an agreement in common production or to buy the production rights , please contact me by e-mail or tel. number 0039 xxxxxxxxxx.

    Best Regards

    Carlo Ciocca

    19 Jan 06 at 3:49 am


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