Optimus Keyboard


The Optimus keyboard has been getting some press lately, and I can see why. With a fully configurable keyboard layout there is no limit to how this can be customized. Each key switch has an OLED cover that will display just about any image you can fit in what looks to be a 40×40 pixel matrix. Typing in Japanese? No problem, just select the soft overlay and your now looking at a Japanese keyboard. Editing video? All your task keys are now highlighted and set. Same thing with games. No more hunting for the right keys to figure out how to fire the guns. Just look for the icon.
Will it support a fast refresh so you can display messages on your keys? I don’t know but that would be quite cool to be able to see your latest email message subject on the space bar.
Might be out next year for a kings ransom I’m sure, but wouldn’t it be sweet to have one.

Best. Keyboard. Ever.

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