A few weeks ago I was at a going away party for dome dear friends of mine and during the course of the evening the MP3 player fit a few tunes from an old band I used to listen to.
Wire was an experimental punk band from England back in the late 80’s early 90’s. I first found out about them from a friends mix tape (remember those?) and was lucky enough to find a copy of ‘The Ideal Copy’ at my local Tower Records. Pretty good stuff, energetic and smart, the kind of stuff that you can humm all day and not think your going crazy. Turns out that they had a big influence on other groups as well. The Wikipedia entry has more info on that one.

What Wikipedia has to say about Wire
If you want to buy your own (and not try to find songs via P2P) here and here

(This post is dedicated to Pam and Donovan, may you enjoy your exile in Minnesota. Think of us when it snows and keep a spare bedroom for your friends when we come to visit.)

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