Recycled Server Parts End Up On The Desktop

Today I was given two drive blanks for an IBM eServer, iSeries . Normally these would go right in the trash but I spotted an opportunity to build a handy orginizer for my far too cluttered desk. IKEA watch out!

  • The parts: Two IBM eServer, iSeries drive blanks (or like blanks) and four binder clips.
  • I used the 3/4″ binder clips because they sit flush around the corners of the blanks. Depending on the drive blanks you have you might need larger ones.
  • The blanks have a small plastic tab that needs to be removed. My handy clippers make short work of these.
  • Align your blanks how you want them. You could rotate them 90 degrees, whatever looks the best to you.
  • Put the binder clips in place and then remove the chrome bits, they get in the way. I don’t have a good use for these but I’m working on it.
  • Now fill it with all the stuff that you want to keep handy.
  • Fits in perfectly with any decor. In addition to keeping things handy, it will provide a stable base for my next pile of paperwork, my desk fills up with those pretty quick.

Send me comments if you build your own, make sure you tell me what server you got the blanks off from.

6 thoughts on “Recycled Server Parts End Up On The Desktop”

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  3. Those look like drive blanks for an eServer, iSeries to me…
    [Do’h! Your right, I’ll fix that! Thanks!

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  5. sweet, i have about 80 of these and i have felt guilty about throwing them out. Now, all the users who complain they dont have any storage space, i can easily hand them one of these.

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